too soon

by fling

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released March 28, 2015

recorded mixed mastered by beautiful baby boy Bradly Perkins



all rights reserved


fling Missouri

evan jake art cc mat

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Track Name: do you even like me
hiding out in closets
i know that you saw me
couldn't call you back for a whole month
too busy trying friendships with former lovers

but they don't care about me
the way that you do
but i don't care about me
the way that you do

don't know why i'd shut the door on a good thing
i just can't tell if this is for me again
so blinded by these kind of feelings
once im alone i'll sabotage us both
i get so scared of being hurt
but in your bed i meant what i said
Track Name: swelling
taking off your dress
i guess
undoing all the clasps
i'm fucking up this whole
i'm fucking up again

please come back over
and fuck me
i could be that disdraction
i could really use the distraction

i don't need to know how to love myself
if i've got you

i need to learn how to be lonely
Track Name: your dad's copy of rumours
a wood bench
I can feel it start to warp
from the sweat rolling off my nervous hands
inching close to your blue jean leg
what am I doing

hair in my face
how you taste
oh god this feels right
what I've been missing

sun on the lake
breathes we take
all the passerby's
I want them to see me

public displays
it's ok
let em know I'm enough
for someone to love

your tounge hit my teeth
i just couldn't stop

It's just nostalgia

I come over
you said you'd cut my hair
you confess you've been hurt
the same as me
say they'll stay
they'll surely leave
and I did it to you
so long ago
It comes back
when I see you around

you're beautiful
but me I'm just the same

I've got this pattern
I get so close

just to pull away
Track Name: capacity
gone away from you
long enough to recall
all the hurt
i had learned to stomach
carried around
pertend i didn't notice

took away from you these wrongs
tresspasses against us
i can't go back
what pulled you apart
times gone unquestioned
i have no home

survival skills
i didn't know i'd need

gone away from you too long
i can't recall the worth
i have no home
what you pulled apart
what you took from us
i can't go back

i can't recall the worth
no home
Track Name: i should've just stopped
hard wood floors
a year ago
my favorite way to hurt myself
a duvet set aside
pillows on the floor
and i thought i could love you
from afar
justifying actions
blaming myself
just another place i won't go back to

i thought it would be enough
i thought i would be enough
a new family
i thought i could be enough
i thought it would be enough
you were my family

but you stick close to
the ones convinced you
are too far gone
already left behind

flat tires and frozen nights
i brought this on myself
drag myself through dirt
broke myself in half
just to see you open up

i thought it would be enough
i thought it would be enough
a new family
i thought i could be enough
i thought it would be enough

but i'm too toxic
and unconditional